Jeeves and Wooster book bench Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury. These are good fun and are all around this famous literary area. There are maps.


Great excitement today in the Olympic Park. First there were lots of police motorbikes, then 200 riders wizzed past, all bunched up together, followed by van loads of spare bikes. It was all over in a flash. I thought since they’d come all the way from Cambridge that they might be a bit more spaced out.


Walked past this Google Streetview car today. A week before I was unloading the car when it drove past my house. When I looked to see if it was online I found a slider for images taken in 2008, 2011 and 2012.


There is no sign of the big chains taking over Brixton. It’s still packed with exciting small stores serving a very local market. How would a remote buying department ever know what the Catwalk Wig Centre clearly understands?


London’s Olympic Park is open as promised for Easter. I didn’t go up the Arcelor Mittal Orbit, but you can for £15 full price.

I took this shot with a 1971 Nikon F and a 20mm prime lens on Adox Ortho film. The blow up shows how little grain there is. i was quite surprised when I scanned it because it looks so different to FP4.

When I first started in photography I took to using Adox KB14 - 14DIN = 25ASA/ISO speed. It gave great results in sunshine, but I tried to use it to shoot handheld through the winter and got really unsharp results!



Trellick Tower. Andy Aderinto

I just love the considered geometry of this, the lighting, and all the signs of life.

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Advanced publicity for Brighton Festival 3-25th May 2014.


American Ecstasy, talk in Brighton

American Ecstasy, talk in Brighton

Last night’s Miniclick talk in Brighton to by Barbara Nitke was exceptionally good.

Barbara came all the way from America to talk to us. Her exhibition American Ecstasy runs from 4th April to 4th June 2014 at One Eyed Jack’s Gallery, Brighton.

Barbara took publicity stills during what she described as the Golden Age of Porn (1982-1991). Back then, before home video players, if you wanted to see a…

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